Getting it right is imperative.

1. Research

First things first, our creative team will have a chat with you about the brand and any pre-existing ideas. We need to understand the brand to a good extent in order to produce an effective branding project.

2. Concepts

Building on the established premise, we will begin to produce concepts. Bouncing idea off each-other  in house is always the best way we get the great results you expect.

3. Branding Deck

At the conclusion of our concept stage we will select the best designs to put to you as a pitch. We present, explain and make a case for each, leaving you with the hard job of choosing and approving the final concept.

4. Completion

After approving the final concept, we will make any necessary or requested amendments to the design. Once the final version is approved, we provide a file stack which includes every file type you will ever need.

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