Tom Sproull

With an ever growing portfolio, Tom needed a new site to showcase his work.


As a young entrepreneur, Tom needed a site to showcase his latest projects.

Over the last two years Tom has been working in young digital companies to help compound their growth and success. From starting his own sustainable clothing company or launching a platform to help millennial get jobs, it was time he had a central place to showcase his work. In order to ensure his portfolio reflected the standard of his projects, he turned to Spydr.


design & development

Clean, Minimal & Effective

Tom wanted to establish a simple but powerful portfolio. Working in a design sprint it was only a matter of days until we had a working wireframe along with refined typography and colour scheme. Maintaining a repeating modular layout allowed us to easily deploy our bespoke headless API so that he could easily create the content as we worked. However, our development team added subtle UX animations to ensure the site maintained a premium feel. From an (accurate!) coffee counter, to sticky scroll effects, using Tom's site is a joy.


A More Professional Presence

Clean, fast and effective, Tom's new portfolio delivers an unquestionable air of professionalism. With a new stage to share news and updates on his latest work, Tom also established a method to gain future work. In the few months since we launched his site, Tom has had enquiries and gained consultancy work that he otherwise wouldn't have. Overall, Tom was thrilled with his new site and we look forward to seeing it expand.

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