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Agile & Forward thinking. Changing the game is what we do.


Pursuing an unrelenting desire to craft digital products that make a difference

We deliver digital solutions that revolutionise businesses. From state of the art websites to innovative marketing, we have the skillset needed to kickstart growth. Whether we work with start-ups or established businesses, our bespoke service is always specifically tailored to ensure our process is streamlined and efficient.

Founded back in 2018, Spydr set out to do change the game. The digital world is the most powerful tool out there. We knew that with the right people, ethics and technologies, our team could deliver innovative products that always deliver.

To date, Spydr has partnered with a huge variety of successful businesses and individuals who all make a difference. However, our unrelenting desire to change the game has not dwindled and we are always looking forward to the next challenge.

Spydr continues to deliver premium & effective digital solutions that help to change the game.


CEO & Founder

Why Partner With Us?

Results Orientated

We base our success on results. Our products & services continue to return record growth for our clients. From brand creation & awareness to kickstarting ecommerce sales we always deliver.

Relentless In What We Do

Our relentless pursuit to deliver the most effective products & services ensures we stay ahead of our competitors. We are never content until the project is well and truly polished.

Effective Efficiency

Our process is streamlined and succinct. We work together to deliver excellent results, on time and without project bloat. Simply put, we deliver premium products on time for the right price.

Comprehensive Agency

Over the years we have built a team of experts and our own state of the art digital infrastructure. This ensures all of our systems are lightening fast, secure and cost efficient.

Core Principles

Knowledge and Understanding

In order to be able to provide you with a world class digital partnership, it is essential that our team understands the fundamental workings of your business. This allows us to tailor the user experience and functionality to best suit your business and your clients.

UI & UX Orientated

The Design (User Interface) and experiences (User Experience) underpin everything that we do and are fundamental to successful digital products. We implement clever, seamless methods to ensure that users love to interact with the products we build.

Iterative Processes

Design and marketing are both fundamentally subjective things and we love it when our clients have an input. During the development stage, you have the ability to see what our developers are doing. If they are going down a route that you don't like, you can tell us and we will adapt.

Real Results

From beginning to end our projects are designed to make an impact. At the end of any given project, we sit down with you and address to what extent we have achieved the initial goals. This reflection analysis is critical to ensuring you get the most our of your partnership with us.

"We could not be happier with the service and products that Spydr provided. Without them, we would not be the success that we are today."
Thomas Wheeler
Cove Clothing
Marketing Director

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